14. helmikuuta 2013

Warm cardigan for ME!

A longtime dream has been to make myself a nice, warm cardigan. It came off the needles a few weeks ago, and has been actively used ever since. The sleeves came out a bit too long, but better to turn them than to have too short sleeves. I made an I-cord for belt instead of the ribbed belt in the pattern. Very warm, very soft, lovely cardigan!

Yarn: Novita Puro, usva, yardage 1000m
Needles: 5,0mm and 6,0mm

Baby knits

Some baby knits have come from my needles. First a hat for friends' newborn baby girl, ordered by a common friend of ours. 

Model: Aviatrix
Yarn: Novita Wool Sävy, pink
Needles: 3,5mm, 4,0mm

Then a cardigan for my second cousin's baby boy. My mom's aunt ordered this, she said she wants it quickly, but is probably not going to pay any more than the yarn used for this + postage. It might be that the yarn cost quite a lot... ;) I modified the pattern a bit, made garter stitch edging to the bottom and to sleeves, which I knit in the round and made three button holes.
Yarn: Novita 7Veljestä Nostalgia, 200m
Needles: 5,5mm, 6,0mm for the sleeves

And something for my little princess! I started this last summer and it was meant to be ready before summer holiday, but not quite... Finalized it until her birthday last September. This is one of the few patterns I have bought at Ravelry, and must say that the pattern is very good. It has several different sizes for different yarns. Versatile, that is!
Model: Zippy
Yarn: Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit

Snowwhite mittens

I have again been a bit lazy about updating the blog. Here we go, again...

I knitted mittens for my boyfriend's niece. She chose the colour herself, which is white. I did not have any white yarn at home, so when I came across a bag of white fluffylooking yarn at Lidl at almost no price, I went for it. Stupid me! The yarn was too chunky to be knitted in the first place, and it was half acrylic (well that one could be read from the package, and it was actually ok for an acrylicyarn. Anyhow, I needed so big needles that it was difficult to knit and the result was not so beautiful.

Yarn: Zettl Scarf Yarn, 64m
Needles: 8,0 mm