1. lokakuuta 2013

Meatless Month

I stumbled across an event on Facebook that was named Lihaton Lokakuu (Meatless October, in Finnish). Because I am a bit of an "yllytyshullu" (does not have an exact translation to English, I'm afraid..), I decided to go along. Me, alltime meatloving me. Well, my challenge is not to totally end eating animal products but to diminish the amount. I will not, for example, stop eating milk and eggs. Just because coffee with any other milk than cow milk tastes s**t (have tried when breastfeeding my youngest) and because egg is such a good source for protein (don't start with me here about soja!). But, the meat I eat or buy I will try to diminish. Starting today. This blog will probably turn into a dieting blog now! :D

There must be something foodwise going on. I decided last week to try the 5:2-diet, before I knew about this meatless challenge. These pair quite fine, I think, this fasting has made a good starting point for the no-meat-season. Here is my dinner last Thursday, containing bulgur, mushroom, carrot and salad. A few hundred calories and so full I was!

My dinner yesterday, also a fasting day meal. With meat, though... Salad, cauliflower, carrot, red paprika and minced meat. The portion was huge even though only around 350 calories.

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