16. maaliskuuta 2014

Tar soap

I love the smell of tar. It reminds me of Finnish summer, sauna, relaxing by the lake in the light summer evening with a can of Lonkero... Tar soaps seem to be disappearing (some EU-legislation that's come in the way) so I decided to try to make my own. I got a big bottle of tar as a Christmas present, 100% tar from pine tree. Googled a bit for a recipe but could not really find one, so I made up my own. Just cut the soap log, it was sticky as h**l but smells so lovely. Tar is a sticky thing in itself and a messy one, it messes everything that it touches, so next time I will just pour the tar from the jar (oh, that rhymes!) and not measure it with a measuring spoon or two...

190 g water
68 g lye

290 g canola oil
150 g coconut fat
30 g castor oil
30 g peanut oil

1 tbsp tar
11 drops of Savuyrtti-fragrance

Soap looks more like chocolate pudding

Interesting surprise when I cut the soap, whole soap had marmorized itself

3 kommenttia:

  1. Looking beautiful! Where did you get that bottle of tar (terva, if I understood it right?)? I would like to try that too. And I also have that "Savuyrtti" in my mökkisauna... :)

    1. Hi Signe, I got the bottle from Santa Claus, but I have an idea that Santa might have visited a local store selling paints (Värisilmä, I suppose..).

    2. Wow, I never realized that from Värisilmä- paint store you could get stuff for cosmetics! Need to check out, if they have any...