5. kesäkuuta 2014

Whipped coconut lotion

I wanted to try to make a bit of a lighter lotion for summertime and wanted to use some aloe vera in it as well. I found a recipe for whipped coconut oil lotion with aloe vera which I decided to try. In recipe there was a liquid oil as well, I chose hempseed oil because it is supposed to be so darned good for skin, antiaging etc.

My recipe:
1,25 dl coconut oil, solid, not melted
2 tblsp aloe vera -gel
1 tblsp hempseed oil
5 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops of tea tree essential oil
2 drops of liquid E-vitamine
a good dollop of lime-perfume oil

Mix the solid coconut oil with an electric whisk. Add aloe vera and liquid oil and continue mixing. Add the essential oils and perfume if you want to. Put in jars (glass, I heard that plastic jars should not be used with essential oils as they can do something to the plastic, but have not tested it :) ) and use to get lovely skin!

I thought I could modify this for summer by adding a tablespoon or two of zinc oxide to get a natural sun screen. Coconut in itself has already a SPF of 2-8 and hempseed SPF 6, but the natural SPF only protects against UVB-rays and zinc would help protect from the UVA-rays as well. Will try that as summer proceeds!

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  1. Låter som att det blir en riktigt härlig lotion av de ingredienserna. Du få skriva vidare om den fungerar bra i solen. Ha det gott!!!